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Welcome to the Pay-per-View Website of Zeon TV

tractor pulling modified tractor

After filming Tractor Pulling and Drag racing for the last 2 decades, we are now making  our vast back catalogue available online as Pay-per-View.

More recent videos are available in Full HD, and there are standard definition ones from further back in the archives. All videos are accessed via a secure Paypal payment system.

A wide selection of Tractor Pulling and Drag Racing videos are already available, with new content being added all the time. Check out the news bar and our Facebook page for latest news.


How do I access the videos?

drag racing car doing a burnout

Firstly, select either Tractor Pulling or Drag Racing. For the Tractor Pulling, there is currently a choice of 2 years of ETPC Mitas Eurocup pulling from Great Eccleston.

For Drag Racing, the videos are presented class by class, once again with new videos and years being added all the time.

All paid for videos are available to view for a period of 5 days (10 days in an Event or Season Pass has been bought), so no need to watch in one go. There are no restrictions on the number of times an individual can watch a video.

Once you have paid for a video, the video will unlock and allow you to watch. You will also be e-mailed details of the purchase, along with a unique password, and also a two step authentication number. If you want you watch on another device you own, or if you close your Browser, you can use this authentication number to start watching the video again.

***No site registrations or logins needed***